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Chocolate Mint Fudge

Chocolate Mint! Oh, my!

I grew up looking forward to all my Mom's holiday candy making and fudge was always my favorite. But here's the deal... Since I've gotten the sugar monkey off my back the thought of Mom's fudge just doesn't do it for me anymore. No worries. I just came up with a healthier solution. … Continue Reading ››

Stop Wasting Overripe Fruit with This Tip

Overripe Fruit Blues

Do you ever feel like you buy fruit and it seems like only the fruit flies enjoy it once it's overripe?

I have a confession. Yes, I am a bit obsessive on occasion. I love fresh fruit when it’s at the peak of season and I’ve been known … Continue Reading ››

Tips For Your Organic Garden

 How does my organic garden grow?

As naturally as possible!

A huge part of our commitment to living a sustainable life was changing to an organic philosophy in the garden. And when I say huge I mean really really big change. Conventional gardening practices had left us ignorant of working with nature and dependent on outside sources … Continue Reading ››


Let's grow veggies!

Warning! Growing your own organic veggies is heady stuff. Once you get your grown on, you won't want to stop. How flippin' fantastic is it to plant a tiny seed, nurture it through the stages of life and reap the rewards of a bountiful harvest? Well, let me put it this way - … Continue Reading ››

10 Simple Gardening Tips

Who doesn't like a great tip? Every growing season I learn something new to help our organic garden thrive. I came across this video and thought you would find these tips simple and effective! Happy gardening!

Where to Spend & Save on Organic

Can't go 100% Organic?

Have you ever heard of the Dirty Dozen? It’s the 12 kinds of produce that you absolutely MUST buy organic because they are most heavily sprayed with pesticides. Pesticides contribute to toxicity in the body, which means that we are more likely to suffer from allergies, a weakened immune system, and digestive problems, … Continue Reading ››

Compost: Waste Not, Want Not!

Every time I toss out a scrap of apple peel in the trash bin I have serious pangs of guilt. Grandma always said, “Waste not, want not!” Coming of age during the Depression was her teacher and I take her life lesson to heart. I’ve used all our compost in the bins prepping the beds … Continue Reading ››

DIY Sticky Traps

Maintaining an organic approach to gardening can be a maddening experience for gardeners. Us included. This is especially true when it comes to aphids and leaf miners. We found sticky traps do a fabulous job of keeping these marauders in check. Plus, sticky traps are a great early warning system because you can see the … Continue Reading ››