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What’s Up with Night-Time Snacking?

Are you snacking at night?

It’s 7 p.m. Dinner is done, the dishes are put away, and you’re watching your favorite show. The next thing you know you’re standing in front of your pantry (or fridge or freezer), pulling out chips (or ice cream or crackers or popcorn) to satisfy your craving. And you might even … Continue Reading ››

Tame Secondary Eating

Secondary Eating. What is it and why should I care?

Simply put, secondary eating is the act of eating while doing something else such as; opening the mail, surfing the net, texting, watching TV, standing and the big one…driving. As a matter of fact, Michael Pollan, estimates … Continue Reading ››

Inner Peace

Today is the kind of day that it is hard to judge time by the sun. Today is the kind of day that makes me compassionate to my friends in the North. Today is the kind of day for introspection. We have been so busy preparing our dirt and hydro gardens for spring that a … Continue Reading ››