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Stop Wasting Overripe Fruit with This Tip

Overripe Fruit Blues

Do you ever feel like you buy fruit and it seems like only the fruit flies enjoy it once it's overripe?

I have a confession. Yes, I am a bit obsessive on occasion. I love fresh fruit when it’s at the peak of season and I’ve been known … Continue Reading ››


Dehydration occurs when the body loses water and essential salts (like sodium and potassium). Did you know that by the time you get that first nudge of thirst you are in early stages of dehydration? It’s true! By the time we get the signal we’ve lost close to 2% of our total water content. How many … Continue Reading ››

Fabulous Fruit

I’ve started a new feature on my Facebook page starting in August – Monthly Challenges! I started these challenges as weekly endeavors, but in order to make the biggest impact on your health I've opted for a monthly time frame. This gives us more time to really understand the benefits of making the … Continue Reading ››

Woundrous Watermelon

I love watermelon. It’s a fact! And a complete joy to my taste buds. For those of you unaware, July is National Watermelon Month. Yes, every month in our calendar associates with some food, cause or Hallmark occasion so I know you aren’t too surprised. Why is July set as the auspicious occasion to celebrate … Continue Reading ››