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Life is an adventure and throughout the journey there are excursions from the main path which can lead to a more satisfying and complete life. In becoming more aware of the world around me, I’ve awoken within myself a strong desire to live a more sustainable life. A huge part of this is vibrant health. I coach others to the same!

Avocado Relish

Who knew an alligator pear, also known as avocado, packed so much goodness in that ugly exterior?

Growing up in Indiana this fruit was a rarity and decidedly exotic in our little town resting in the middle of corn fields. Flash forward to now and I can't imagine my life without avocados. Dramatic? Well, maybe, but the … Continue Reading ››

Zoodles & Easy Lentil Marinara

Trying to avoid high carb meals, but you miss spaghetti? Us too! zoodlesWe were brave one day and tried Zoodles. We liked them and now they are a staple.  They are great lightly cooked or raw. Try them yourself for a tasty treat sensation!

Zoodles & Easy Lentil … Continue Reading ››

Pumpkin: This Season’s Superfood


If you don’t think pumpkin is a powerful nutrient – read on! Pumpkin’s benefits include: • It’s high in fiber (helping you to feel fuller longer) • It promotes healthy digestion • It is a good source of vitamin A, which supports healthy vision, bone growth and immune system health • Its vitamin A  is a natural source of … Continue Reading ››

Avocado Salsa

I love avocado. It's full of healthy fats and makes a great hair mask too! I especially love it in this recipe, Avocado Salsa.  Super simple to whip up on Avocado Salsaa hot day when cooking in a kitchen seems stifling. Give it a whirl and … Continue Reading ››

Get the scoop on MCT Oil


Several of you have asked me about the recent news stories on the benefits of MCT and if it’s the weight loss “miracle” you’ve been hoping for. Here’s what you need to know: MCTs – or medium chain triglycerides -- are the medium chain-length fatty acids.  All oils contain long, medium or short chain fatty … Continue Reading ››

Watermelon Refresher

Looking for a cool down drink that is full of nutrients and tasty too?

This is a quick and simple way to restore your electrolytes on a hot summer day by the pool. Check out this article about all the wonderful virtues of watermelons!

Watermelon Refresher

  Watermelon Refresher Ingredients: ¼ … Continue Reading ››

How to Eat and Enjoy This Summer

Are you putting off slimming down, kicking your cravings or eating healthier because your summer is filled with events that tempt you to eat or drink more? Even though we want to feel our best when we’re traveling or hanging out with friends or family, our “vacation mode” often leaves us feeling sluggish, bloated, heavy, … Continue Reading ››

On-the-Go Energy Oatmeal

Looking for a grab and go snack?

Packed with nutrients and super simple to take with you on trips. All you need is hot water and you are all set! Ingredients: 1/3 cup 100% rolled oats Continue Reading ››

Carrots Help Balance Hormones

Crunchy, colorful, and apparently champs in helping us balance our hormones; carrots are your new best friend. Do you suffer from PMS, night sweats, stress, acne, weight gain, thyroid issues, cravings, or low libido? There are several symptoms that can arise when your body’s hormones are out of whack.
Breast tenderness Bloating Volatile … Continue Reading ››

Let’s Go Walking

Your Best Walking Workout

Walking just may be the best-kept health secret today! It releases stress, reduces anxiety, helps clear your mind, increases blood flow, Walkingimproves your energy, helps with weight loss, enhances your mood, and – along with healthy nutrition -- can reduce or … Continue Reading ››

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